Customer Feedback

“I recently took a ’95 Jeep in to have a 4’’ lift installed, while I knew and could tell that they would need to do some additional work to correct a few issues I was having, I received a call to explain what was found and more importantly to invite me to take a look for myself. The options were all lined out and the pricing was great. I will return for future service and I recommend this shop highly.” –Steve

“You guys are the best. My poor little Honda was falling apart before my eyes. Some kind of pan on the bottom started dragging on the ground as I was driving down the road and one side of my front bumper was coming loose. I begged my car to make it through the weekend. I called you first thing Monday morning, saying “You probably don’t do body work”. You gave me an appointment immediately and within a couple of hours me and the little Honda were driving down the road... good as new! Thanks again Accu-Brake!!” –Mari

I bought a 1978 F-150 with too many problems to list. Accu-Brake gave the truck a very thorough inspection and repaired everything necessary for safe and reliable operation at a price well below what I expected. Their work was completed quickly and professionally. This is the second vehicle I’ve taken to them and have been completely satisfied with the results in both cases. They are polite, honest and reliable AND they don’t give you “attitude” if you have to bring the vehicle back for adjustments” –Bill

“We just wanted to get the oil leak fixed, which Accu-Brake did for us. They also suggested that we have the drag link and tie rod end replaced. We did this at [technician] Benny’s suggestion. Thanks everyone at Accu-Brake! The old F-150 needed it!”  -Anonymous

“I have had all my vehicles in to see Jim and John lately because they are trustworthy and accurate with their estimates. It’s refreshing to know what to expect before the work is done and to know your vehicle is in good hands. Thanks Jim and John for the great customer service” –LZ

“Everyone was very nice and helpful. They knew the product, ordered it and had good costs for labor. They were informative when explaining the end product and were very caring about my needs rather than just doing what was easiest. Will go back again for sure.” –Amy

“Great shop, honest, efficient and reliable. We have taken our vehicles here for 10 years. Jim and John are our first call for auto service.” Mike and Sandy

“Just wanting to say that I am very appreciative of the service that is provided by your shop. It seems that in the past I have worked with other automotive shops and Accu-Brake is the one I would recommend to friends and family. Accu-Brake has been very reasonable price wise, honest about the repairs to my vehicles and always provide information and answers to questions I have asked. Thank you Accu-Brake. Keep up that great service you provide to the public and thank you for you honesty as well.” –Michelle and Wilson

“I was not only extremely satisfied with the work performed but more so with the professionalism and courtesy given to me. I had a timed appointment and upon arrival I was greeted, my work ticket was already prepared for my signature and my vehicle was immediately taken in for the work. A very pleasant experience all around.” –Larry

“Accu-Brake has taken good care of my ’03 F-350 with more than 100K miles. They’re conservative, understand cost/benefit and friendly. I don’t think you can do better in Flagstaff.” –Steve

"This has to be the friendliest, most competent and honest care shop in Flagstaff. I never have any complaints and their work is always first rate. John and Jim are also very friendly, helpful and are always willing to explain things. I couldn’t rate them higher.” –Alex

“The folks at Accu-Brake go well out of their way to explain every nuance of their repair efforts. They work double time to give you options, short term and long term, expensive, inexpensive, most reliable, least reliable, etc. They check back with you every step of the way to ensure you are on board with the direction of the repair and the cost and will even take the time to show you exactly what is going on with your vehicle while it’s up in the air.” –Brian

“We feel very good about taking our vehicles to Accu-Brake. We don’t have to worry or be concerned they are “taking us for a ride.” They’re honest people who give you and honest day’s work. They’ll be straight forward with what the problem is but they’ll also work with you in keeping costs down without jeopardizing your vehicle.” –Kurt, Hannah and James

“I was in there recently with my ’94 F-150. [The] transmission was acting goofy and they diagnosed it for me. [I] spoke with John on all occasions and he was very helpful, explained everything to me and was as friendly as friendly could be. I felt comfortable leaving my baby there. They also didn’t charge me for the first day of diagnostics, only for the second day and parts + labor to fix the sensor that had gone out. The truck shifts as smooth as can be. Good place.” –Sean